Donut Team

Donut Team was a project I worked on as a Full-Stack Web Developer from 2013 to 2021. My role in the project was to create and manage the team's website from scratch using PHP, JavaScript, and modern technologies like PJAX. The objective was to create a platform where gamers could share their mods and tools for classic games like The Simpsons: Hit & Run.

Over the years, the website grew steadily and now has over 30k registered users with 500k~ unique visitors a month. As the website's popularity grew, I faced several challenges that I had to overcome to ensure the website's continued success. One such challenge was managing the website's infrastructure and scaling it to accommodate the growing number of users and visitors.

To address these challenges, I utilized various technologies like PHP 7, JavaScript, C#, CSS, MySQL, and more to improve the website's performance and stability. Despite the challenges, I'm proud of the success of the Donut Team project and the role I played in its success. The website remains publicly accessible and continues to be a popular destination for gaming enthusiasts to share their mods and tools with the community.