Cards Against Lucas

Cards Against Lucas was a project I worked on as a UI/UX Web Developer in 2018. The objective of the project was to create a real-time, multiplayer Cards Against Humanity clone in collaboration with Lucas Cardellini.

My role in the project was to create the frontend experience of the platform using JavaScript and CSS. One of the main challenges we faced during the project was creating a seamless user experience that would allow players to play the game together in real-time.

To address this challenge, I utilized my expertise in UI/UX design to create a simple and intuitive interface that allowed players to quickly and easily join games and play cards. I also used my skills in JavaScript and collaboration with Lucas' backend experience to create real-time updates that enabled players to see each other's card submissions and vote on the best answers in real-time.

Despite the short duration of the project, I'm proud of the role I played in its development and the experience gained from working with Lucas Cardellini. The Cards Against Lucas project remains publicly accessible, and I believe it provides an excellent example of how modern web technologies can be used to create engaging and interactive user experiences.